Through new platforms based on machine learning, data gathering and analytics, Duferco Travi e Profilati will manage efficiently and innovatively the productive and commercial processes


To make the enormous amount of data significant and use the information to improve decision-making processes, Big Data Analysis is always more important. Thanks to the synergies of the companies of Duferco Group, Duferco Travi e Profilati is working to create different platforms based on data gathering, data analytics and machine learnings technologies. This will allow to integrate the information flows and manage the full productive and commercial process in the most safe, efficient and innovative way.

The vision is to connect people, operations and data to create new skills, share experiences and increase economic and production potentiality.

Besides, Duferco Group is developing new data gathering and buffering technics for the creation of machine learning models.
The project will help the activities of different divisions: sales, production and maintenance departments. The sales team will be supported in defining the sales strategies and production planning: predictive models will allow to assess the market needs and better define commercial strategies, coherently with choices made by production department.

For what concerns production, the project will improve the monitoring of productive process through machine learning techniques that will allow to make quick data-driven decisions. Moreover, quality issues will be easily detected, and maintenance needs predictively assessed.