MISE Projects

Predictive Maintenance and the Analysis of Production Processes

Predictive Maintenance

One of the projects developed by Travi e Profilati di Pallazeno team together with the Engineering Department of the University of Brescia deals with the predictive maintenance of the plant in San Zeno Naviglio through machine learning technics.

The project focused on data gathered from the fumes filtering systems’ fan: an algorithm has been developed to predict the evolution of different variables, comparing the predicted results with data from sensors.

Comparing data and outcome, the team developed a specific method to foresee and detect system failures.

Production Process Analysis

TPP, Catholic University of Brescia and Duferco Dev, developed a project to track the production evolution based on the historic information in the database.

The analysis resulted in a digital platform that allows the users to obtain a chart with information about production previous castings history.