Antonio Gozzi writes to employees and partners

by | Apr 15, 2020 | News

The letter written by Antonio Gozzi, President of Duferco Italia Holding, to all the employees and partners.

To all employees and partners

I am writing to you to express the support of the Duferco Group in this difficult moment.

The harsh limitations that we are facing to contain the spreading of the Covid-19 pandemic have changed our lives with high sacrifice for everyone. We need to respect the rules issued by governments and institutions in order to protect ourselves and our families but also to allow Italy to end the nightmare.

Everyone is worried about the future and its uncertainties. We do not know when we will beat the virus and we do not know how our habits and our economic situation will look like when we will be allowed to start over with our usual lives. We must be prepared to a slow and difficult recovery, because the virus is hitting unimaginably hard: it will require strength, intelligence and patience.

Our aim is to restart our activities and reopen our plants as soon as possible applying a rigorous protocol that will allow to our employees and external partners to work safely. For this reason we recently shared with all the representatives of workers (RSU and RLS) and with the health staff the rules, protections, distancing and the organizational revisions that will be adopted to make offices and plants safe places.

Augusto, Vittoria and I are working night and day with our managers to reopen our companies and to protect our colleagues preserving their future. Duferco Group’s ability to overcome the crisis and restart its path is critical: we are confident to have the strength and the ability to do it.

We will struggle to protect all of you in order not to exclude anyone and to find the right economic balance to go ahead.
We have always said that we consider our group and our companies as a family. This is the moment to prove it true in these dire times, while staying unite and supportive.

Over our history we have won many difficult challenges, we will win this too.

I embrace you all,
Antonio Gozzi