Duferco Travi e Profilati new Sustainability Report is now online

by | Aug 4, 2023 | News

Duferco Travi e Profilati’s Sustainability Report 2022 is now online.

The document, which is published together with the Duferco Group Annual Report, reports on the steel division’s activities, economic results and commitment to sustainability. It also represents an overview of the role of the company in the context of the whole Duferco Group.

As explained in the Letter to stakeholders by President Bruno Bolfo, the Fiscal Year 2022 has been a true test of the company’s ability to face challenges.

“Due to extraordinary pressures linked to the war in Ukraine and the high inflation, FY2022 has been a true test of the Company’s ability to weather the storm. However, the results were nothing short of excellent, largely attributable to the Company’s longstanding focus on its human capital and internal resources. The Duferco Group’s versatility proved to be a key asset during this period of instability.


The Company was able to adapt and face the various challenges head-on by innovating its processes and objectives. The results showed rapid growth in revenues from FY2021, with the Group recording an increase of over 80% to about 45.8 billion USD. In addition to revenue growth, the Duferco Group’s profit also saw significant gains, increasing by almost 47% over the previous fiscal year, reaching 385 million USD”.

In 2022 the steel division focused on the construction of the new rolling mill, which is now being completed. The project, valued at over 250 million euros, represents one of the most significant industrial commitment in the Italian steel industry. Once completed, the green rolling mill will establish a fully verticalized productive plant, maximizing efficiency and upstream integration. Fully digitalized, the rolling mill’s reheating furnace will be equipped with hydro-methane fuel-injected burners and methane, potentially allowing alternative burning fuel, such as hydrogen or bio-methane.

The document also reports on a constituent element that contributes to the DTP’s standing within its communities. Together with the care for employees and the commitment to a sustainable development, it defines an inclusive corporate culture.

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