Duferco Group: 40 years of global and inclusive business

by | Dec 18, 2019 | News

Huge geographic distances, scattered headquarters, diverse fields of work and different languages and cultures: these traits, which could be weaknesses for any company, turned out to be the keys of the Group’s competitive advantage and growth over the last 40 years of history.

What does it mean to be part of a continuously changing group of companies, which over the years has deeply renewed its field of work, integrating the steel trading with productive activities, adding energy trading to shipping?

It means working daily to live up to the desire that inspired Bruno Bolfo when he founded Duferco in1979: the idea to create an international company grounded in the key ideals of cultural openness and entrepreneurial creativity.

Bruno Bolfo

It means committing regularly to the ambition to be merchants, able to build long-standing commercial relationships, innovators of markets and products, explorers of new competences, cultures and technologies, pioneers craving for new inspiring activities. It means living up to 40 years of entrepreneurial history made of great results and of constant growth of revenues and assets. It means working to carry on the histories and the engagement of people who built Duferco’s success, multiculturalism and excellence.

This is the mission of the different societies of the Group, as the CEO Antonio Gozzi explained clearly during his speech at the Duferco Day, organized to celebrate the 40-year anniversary of Duferco’s foundation:

After an extraordinary and overwhelming period of globalization, our planet is now endangered by protectionism and souverainism. That’s why keeping up the skills of international trading will be more than a job; it will be mission of civilization.

As part of an international Group, Duferdofin-Nucor takes pride in sharing this mission of civilization. Indeed, this represents its competitive advantage in terms of strength and diversification, efficiency and internationalization, and results in the inclusive, gentle and communicative way of doing business, which is the main character of Duferco Group.

As the words of Duferco’s CEO Antonio Gozzi express very well, indeed:

Today, doing international business means understand and respect different cultures without superiority complex or arrogance. It means keeping alive the empathy that has always helped Duferco build its own competitive advantage. It means claiming a gentle and inclusive vision of capitalism that can take care also of the less privileged.