Management 4 Steel: the training project has just started

by | Oct 18, 2020 | News

Management 4 Steel has just started. The Steel Academy is part of an initiative that goes beyond the corporate individualities of the Aso, Duferco, Feralpi and Pittini Groups, who teamed up to create a shared training project of higher education dedicated to their employees and focused on cross-knowledge and soft skills.

The project was officially presented in July and aims at spreading steel culture, while promoting the creation of a network in the steel world. The main purpose of the journey that started today, October 4, is to increase skills and professionalism.

The sessions are taking place between Brescia and Verona and are structured to provide new knowledge through a modern approach, with a specific focus on industry 4.0. From analyzing business scenarios to process planning, communication techniques, problem solving methods, “Management 4 Steel” looks openly at focusing on cooperation and cross knowledge as strong competitive advantages.

Some employees of Duferdofin-Nucor are taking part in the project. Here their comment on the experience.

I would say that the project is more than interesting. We are a group of people coming from different backgrounds, though within the steel industry, and this is very positive. The first two meetings have deepened diverse and important topics. Let’s go on together.

Gabriele Comandini

I consider the Academy very interesting. The team is made of high skilled professionals and technicians and I am sure that this experience will allow us to obtain cultural and technical skills to be more expert within our companies.

Luca Turla