The new rolling mill: the human factor of the machine

by | Jun 8, 2023 | News

A project as complex as the construction of the largest beam mill in Europe thrives and grows thanks to the people who work on it, i.e., the ownership, the board, the managers, and all employees. The success of an important project like the new Duferco TP rolling mill is down to the men and women who devote their minds and hearts to it.

“Corporate culture in the steel industry is an example of farsightedness. The substantial investments we make will pay back in the long term. Planning business, technology and sites requires a very broad horizon” says Antonio Gozzi, president of Duferco Italia Holding.

“Vision is essential to doing business today, I disagree with the stereotype of immediate returns. The transformation of industrial systems, markets, and lifestyles is a complex and lengthy process, and a patient approach to capital investment generates value for all those who work in the company. This cultural mission must be pursued by communicating and setting examples. We must share an inclusive vision of the company: the company is an instrument for the growth of people. From the outside one might think that business is coercive, whereas business is the driving force of development, growth, and wellbeing. This should always be reiterated, to avoid weak thinking to prevail. Entrepreneurs and the women and men who work in companies must take pride in being an enterprise.”