Press release. «Management 4 Steel», the high corporate education ready for the second edition

by | Oct 6, 2020 | Press releases

Asonext, Duferco, Feralpi e Pittini, four of the major players in the national steel industry united for a steel academy

The development of specialized skills and the synergy between companies at the center of the project which, once the first cycle is closed, aims at the second edition.

An exceptional place for excellent training. The first edition of “Management 4 Steel“, the Steel Academy strongly desired by the Asonext, Duferco, Feralpi and Pittini Groups aimed at some internal collaborators, ended on 29 September at the headquarters of the Frecce Tricolori in Rivolto del Friuli.

It was a very special moment of celebration precisely because it focused on the importance of teamwork to achieve a common goal. The commander of the National Aerobatic Team, Lieutenant Col. Gaetano Farina, spoke about it, also referring to the leadership and training model used by the Frecce Tricolori.

A natural parallel with the topics addressed by the Management 4 Steel participants who, in twelve months, attended the courses organized in collaboration with Officina Pittini for Training, the Corporate School of the Pittini Group and ISFOR Training and Research, Division of the AIB Foundation for Continuing Education.

The training course was structured into modules where both soft skills and the issues more closely related to the company organization were treated from the specialist point of view of the company that produces electric furnace steel. A twelve-month process that did not stop even in full lockdown thanks to a schedule respected through online sessions.

The advanced training course has achieved the goal: to provide transversal knowledge, while encouraging the creation of a network in the steel industry, supporting the cultural growth of young people who will bring the know-how into the individual partner companies.

The first edition successfully closed, the partners are studying how to revive the initiative in 2021.

The extraordinary context that hosted us for the conclusion of the Management 4 Steel training course and which we all treasure, allowed us, in a few hours, to grasp the many similarities that we find in our corporate life: speed of adaptation to changing situations , great professionalism and competence, reliance yes on the individual but only within a necessary teamwork, determination and full awareness of one’s limits and the possibility of overcoming them as needed, but always with awareness and responsibility “. Massimo Lorini – General Services Director Asonext Spa.

“Thanks to the commitment and professionalism of the organizers, teachers and ” students “, the first edition of Management 4 Steel was a success, despite the difficulties added by the lockdown. The spirit of collaboration expressed by the shareholders and managers of the groups involved was the fundamental glue for success. The final event with the National Aerobatic Team of the Air Force, an exemplary model of professionalism, competence and team spirit, was the best seal we could wish for”. Domenico Campanella – CEO of Duferco Italia Holding.

“The Frecce Tricolori that host us are a symbol of coordination, precision and quality of all the individual elements that result in a single formation in the performance. Training can also be a team effort. Management 4 Steel is a clear demonstration of how it is possible to collaborate between companies to improve the competitiveness of the Italian steel industry “. Giovanni Pasini, managing director of the Feralpi Group.

“The conclusion of the Management 4 Steel training project could not have found a better setting than the operational headquarters of the National Aerobatic Team” Frecce Tricolori “which represent the ability to team up with the entire Air Force, a symbol of one of the best Italian excellence where values, commitment, competence and team work are at the center of an extraordinary experience. Grasping these aspects has enriched our project which recalls the same principles and is a great stimulus to continue on this path “. Paolo Felice, CEO of the Pittini Group.