The ignition test of the rolling mill’s reheating furnace has been succesfully completed

by | May 31, 2023 | News

This morning the ignition test of the reheating furnace of the new rolling mill in San Zeno was successfully completed, marking a significant step towards our goal ,i.e., to roll the first beams by mid-June and consolidate production after the summer.

The reheating furnace represents a key element for plant’s competitiveness and sustainability and the process’ optimization and efficiency.

Built with the best available technologies, compliant with the forthcoming European directives (BAT conclusion EU2022/2110), equipped with hydromethane and methane injection burners that can run on alternative fuels, such as hydrogen and biomethane, it is a key part of an extensive decarbonisation project.

With the completion of this crucial phase, Duferco’s team of engineers and technicians expects to roll out the first beams by mid-June, and reach consolidated production after the summer. This milestone will mark an important step in the growth strategy and mission to become the best cost producer of beams in Europe.

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