Alessandro Roggerini joined the webinar Steel Human

by | May 19, 2021 | News

Alessandro Roggerini, HR Director of Duferco Group, joined the webinar Steel Human: the human capital of the steel industry, organized by siderweb and Randstad Research Italy. During the online event, the panelists discussed the issues of recruitment process, employees’ continuous training and mismatch between the skills needed by steel companies and the market’s offer. Besides, the results of a survey realized among the companies of the steel sector were shared.

Discussing with Francesca Morandi, siderweb’s content manager, and Micaela Di Giusto, Head of Human Resources of Gruppo Pittini, Alessandro Roggerini explained Gruppo Duferco’s approach in the management of human resources. He also presented the important selection and recruitment process for the new rolling mill in San Zeno Naviglio.

In these weeks we are working to define the recruitment process, also to become more attractive for candidates. We will work on different sides, with recruitment companies and maybe with a parallel job posting on our own. We aim to collaborate with schools, in order to better understand and define our path and present the technical characteristics of a state of art rolling mill. We will also explain that we belong to a green, sustainable, high-tehcnology and safe industry, which requires high technical skills to operate the high-tech tools and instruments featured by the rolling mill in San Zeno.

Listen to the interview: