Vittoria Gozzi at siderweb’s webinar on steel and digitization

by | Jun 11, 2020 | News

Vittoria Gozzi intervened at siderweb’s webinar ‘L’acciaio accelera con il digitale’, a digital meeting organized to debate how the digital transformation and the startup ecosystem can help the innovation of the steel industryìs big players. After the introduction of Marco Gay, Digital Magics, who presented a summary on the italian startup and on the best practice of the open innovation in Italy, Vittoria Gozzi attended the panel discussion lead by Francesca Morandi together with Roberto de Miranda, Ori Martin and e-Novia, Lorenzo Maternini, Talent Garden, and Cristian Fracassi, Isinnova.

The panelist discussed different themes and topics, from the disruptive and innovative approach of startups to the opportunity and advantages of the open innovation for big corporates, from the crucial role of strong teams and of the company’s culture to the vision on the digital future of the steel industry.

Talking about the need to spread the culture of innovation within the companies, Vittoria Gozzi highlighted that “a more permanent and steady connection with the startups would allow to the big corporate to more easily develop innovation within the company. Moreover, the digital native generation joining our teams in many divisions will soon help overcome the digital divide. Nevertheless, as entrepreneurs and managers we must help all our people take advantage of the digital opportunities. To do this, we need to set innovation as one of the main drivers of our companies and to implement learning processes for all our employees”.

Listen to the interview.

(the panel discussions begins at 22:58)