Vittoria Gozzi at siderweb’s webinar on the women’s contribution in the steel industry

by | Oct 16, 2020 | News

Vittoria Gozzi joined the panel of speakers at siderweb‘s webinar ‘Acciaio femminile plurale’, an online meeting organized to gather voices and experiences from some of the female leading figure of the steel industry. During the event, journalist Elisa Bonomelli led a round table with seven women working with different roles in steel companies. In addition to Vittoria Gozzi , Maria Anghileri, Gianfranca Bellicini, Mariacristina Gribaudi, Elisabetta Marconi, Alessandra Sangoi, Cinzia Vezzosi shared with attendees their experience and vision, takling also some troublesome issue such as gender gap or cultural barriers.

During her dialogue with Elisa Bonomelli, Vittoria Gozzi recalled some of her career steps both in Duferco Grup and in the digital world with the Wylab project. Without denying the difficulties that often female candidates face in their career, she discussed the available options to reverse the trend and improve the existing situation, such as gender quota targets in business.

Gender quotas are a bit of a stretch, but I think that without similar rules we would never reach the goals. What we as companies and entrepreneurs can do, is to arrange the best conditions in order to allow women to build their career and develop skills. We must help them keep on track and enhance their experience and expertise and so let them to be prepared when working senior positions or joining boards of directors.


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