EMERGENCY opens a new pediatric surgery center in Entebbe, Uganda

by | Apr 29, 2021 | News

The first patients have just been hospitalized at the excellence center built by EMERGENCY in Entebbe, Uganda, which aims to become a benchmark for the whole continent. The project is born from the meeting between Gino Strada and Renzo Piano and fostered by the dream to build “a shockingly beautiful hospital” placed at the heart of Africa, combining pediatric surgery and the highest level of architecture.

Thanks to the support of the Ugandan Ministry of Health, the dream come true on the shores of Lake Victoria, surrounded by a healthy and green landscape, where children and kids under 18 with urological and gynecological problems, gastrointestinal anomalies and biliary system disease are surgically treated for free.

The center doubles the availability of surgery bed for children in Uganda with a facility of 9.700 sqm and features 3 operation rooms, 72 beds, of which 6 intensive and 16 sub-intensive care, 6 day hospitals, radiology, lab with blood bank, CAT, pharmacy, administrative office, guest house for foreign patients, admission area and an external playground.

Being among the supporters of the project since the beginning makes Duferco Travi e Profilati very proud.

Indeed, as Gino Strada commented:

the best way to help Africa is doing there the same things we like having here in Italy with all the competences, equipment, technologies needed for a high-level surgery and an extraordinary structure. We all belong to the human community: we are ‘equal in dignity and rights’, as stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We all share the responsibility to take care of an African child exactly as we do of Italian one.

Giuseppe Zolezzi, Commercial Director, DufercoTP, commented:

As Duferco Travi e Profilati, we consider our participation among the partner of the project as one of the most important and satisfying corporate goals in terms of social sustainability.

Photocredit: Marcello Bonfanti