The new rolling mill: techonology and digitisation

by | May 19, 2023 | News

Big data, a mine of information to manage the process

The new rolling mill was born with a Data Driven approach, in a moment in time when the production, analysis and use of data are crucial and consubstantial to the company to improve production and quality, meet market demand, and increase the safety and sustainability of the whole plant.

Duferco TP could not but start from here. There are considerable indirect environmental benefits linked to the general streamlining of processes achieved by digitisation. In addition to its environmental effects, the initiative will significantly promote digitisation. The new rolling mill will use state-of-the-art digital technologies to improve the entire production process, ranging from energy and resource efficiency to productivity and waste reduction.

An innovative digital platform for collecting, storing, and analysing huge amounts of data from multiple sources, including industrial sensors and company data, is under development. Artificial intelligence and advanced analytics solutions will make full use of the data platform with the aim of supporting business functions to make better and more informed decisions. This project relies heavily on partnerships with industrial partners and universities to take full advantage of recent advances in digital technologies and applied artificial intelligence.