Covid 19: safely restarting the activities

by | May 15, 2020 | News

Protection and physical distancing, Personal Protective Equipment, security and organizational protocols reviewed according to the new rules: the restarting of our productive sites hinges on these pillars. To give our contribution and play our role, as single and organizations, to contain the pandemic and start overour life in this period of new normal.

Today, our four plants are working with a production capacity around 70%.
The plants have restarted April 6 in San Giovanni Valdarno, a plant specialized in the production of spare parts for digger machine that are essential in the agri-food industry; April 14 in Pallanzeno and April 15 in Giammoro and San Zeno Naviglio.

Since the reopening, all our plants have reviewed the organization of spaces and resources. Stringent rules were defined and implemented in collaboration with RSU, RLS and the occupational physicians. These rules concern many different areas, which varies from the organization of the access and of the spaces of the plants to the distribution of PPE and the training of employees.

Vademecum Anti-Covid19

Organization of the access to the plants: employees and contractors should use only the external parking lots, which are outdoor and allow to respect the 1 meter minimum physical distancing. In the area of the clocking machines floor paths have been highlighted in order to allow to the employees to easily keep safe distances. The entrance timing have been reviewed and staggered in order to avoid grouping and when entering the plant body temperature is measured. For office staff smart-working is preferred and encouraged.

Personal Protective Equipment: although the 1 meter safe distance is guaranteed while working, it is nevertheless mandatory to use PPE (such as face masks and gloves). Simultaneous presences in closed areas are limited and, where necessary, dividing barrier are in place.

Common Area: restrooms and toilet facilities are distinguished for employees, contractors and carriers. The dining hall is closed and coffee and snack machines are deactivated. Employees can spend their lunch break in specific areas. All spaces are regularly sanitize.

Employees Training: training sessions for employees on the right use of PPE and on the best application of rules have started.